Peace on Earth

In these uncertain times, God is with us.

With the Wednesday release of preliminary reports regarding sexual abuse by international apologist, Ravi Zacharias, it is hard to recognize God’s peace. I had not heard of Ravi’s exploits until I was told of an inappropriate meeting he had with a friend’s friend. I could tell by the story it was unlikely this was only a flash in the pan.

And indeed, it was not.

Just as Ravi’s family refused to believe the reports coming out months ago and publicly rejected the claims, seeking to silence his victims, so others have done so thinking him to be above such compromise. Unfortunately, it is all too common for leaders of Christian organizations to take advantage of power.

Whether it is Driscoll, Falwell Jr., MacDonald, Bakker, or some other leader who has taken advantage of their position of power to destroy people and relationships, we must continue to look to Jesus as the Author and Finisher of our faith…not a worldly leader.

And, we must keep those worldly leaders accountable while standing by those oppressed by them.

As we approach a new year, it is my prayer that God’s peace will reign in our hearts and that we will not be so easily manipulated by the power and prestige of church and Christian organization leaders. In fact, it is likely those two points of prayer are necessary in tandem.

Rest in Jesus, my friends. Not in man.

God is Good,
Editor, Pearls and Swine Site

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