Chapman: Bitter Justice

How do we seek accountability for evil leaders and remain bitter-free? While serving in another country as missionaries, my family became quite delighted with a drink called a "Chapman." It was made of Sobo orange drink, bitters, and 7Up. We enjoyed sipping on them like Southerners sip their sweet tea. Bitters, for those who do not know, … Continue reading Chapman: Bitter Justice

Toxic Survival Guide: The Psychology – Part 2

"The Toxic Boss Survival Guide" provides insights into dealing with toxic bosses. It highlights the importance of managing one's mental attitude, energy, and resilience against the negative pressures generated by toxic bosses. The guide encourages individuals not to let a toxic boss dominate their thoughts, stressing that strength comes from oneself and one's faith.

Toxic Survival Guide: Impact – Part 1

The book, "The Toxic Boss Survival Guide," by Chappelow, Ronayne, and Adams, offers strategies for dealing with harmful bosses. It distinguishes between merely "bad" bosses and genuinely "toxic" ones who intentionally cause excessive harm serving their own agenda. The impact of toxic bosses includes increased staff turnover, loss of productivity, and stifling of creativity.

Evil vs. Not So: Is There a Difference?

Is it biblical to distinguish between badnesses? I would suggest yes, but it takes removing our blinders to see the broadness of the biblical witness to brokenness. There is an Evil Norm...but there is also a Radical Evil that is apparent in scripture.  As I speak and write about the abuse of power and authority … Continue reading Evil vs. Not So: Is There a Difference?