Financial Integrity: Stewarding Leadership

"There’s a cross-section of the dechurched community that suffers not from a lack of faith, but a lack of trust."1 Often the "dechurched" have lost faith in "organized religion" because their leader was misusing the church's finances, according to John Richards. As I sat discussing my experience under a toxic leader with a fellow traveler … Continue reading Financial Integrity: Stewarding Leadership

Leadership: Respecting the Image

It is interesting that in recent years, secular management experts have more and more given leaders help in biblical leadership. Where businesses and organizations were populated by leaders like Henry Ford and more recently, Steve Jobs, the focus in management research has moved towards respecting God's image-bearers. God's Image in My Employees Mind you, those … Continue reading Leadership: Respecting the Image

Trouble At The Global Leadership Summit

A current example of toxic leadership is explained in this open letter from a Willow Creek supporter who is calling out the leadership of Willow Creek after multiple attempts to challenge them to truthfulness and biblical leadership. This can provide an excellent example of how NOT to lead. We need to, as leaders in the … Continue reading Trouble At The Global Leadership Summit

Experiencing Matthew 7 Under a Toxic Boss

What happens when employees of Christian organizations seek to apply Matthew 7:1-6 to toxic bosses. Where they tried not to judge their abusive bosses, they found it challenging. Some attempted to counsel their leaders, often ending up jobless. Regrettably, no interviewees considered the final ten words of the passage, which warns about engaging with those likely to harm us. The article suggests identifying such 'pigs' and behaving wisely.