Shalom: Peace in Departure

Approximately a year after her termination from an international mission organization, Susan said, “By the grace of God [I was] not looking over my shoulder and not wishing things were the way they were.” Susan relayed how an acquaintance, who had gone through a similar experience of abusive leadership, had remarked that it was over … Continue reading Shalom: Peace in Departure

Shalom: Peace in the Serving

Many who join Christian organizations as volunteers or paid employees understand it to be a calling from God. This calling drives them on while facing the inevitable trials associated with serving Christ in a broken world. Beat up relationships, financial struggle, and thankless service are commonplace in our service in God's kingdom. We find shalom … Continue reading Shalom: Peace in the Serving

Sheol: For What is Imprecatory Praying Really Asking?

I have written about the Imprecatory Psalms before. But, over the past several months the lives of women who are being (or have been) abused by men have instructed me and molded my understanding of these prayers. As noted in my former writing, Christians are very uncomfortable with praying for the destruction of wicked people. We … Continue reading Sheol: For What is Imprecatory Praying Really Asking?