General Revelation: Look, Listen, and Learn

God's communication through His creation can be extraordinarily helpful as we minister to survivors of abuse.

Complicity: Going Along to Get Along

What keeps abuse of authority in the workplace and home alive? Going along to get along. It is man's penchant for crowd-mongering. It is my penchant for pleasing others. While reading the beginning of the book of Proverbs in the Bible, I was struck by the applicability of the very first chapter to the experience … Continue reading Complicity: Going Along to Get Along

Not As Things Ought to Be: Grieving Our Loss

Olivia had been abused emotionally by her husband for more than 30 years. She finally got free. She was living in her new-found freedom when he showed up once again, having been gone for over a year. He was getting more and more aggressive as he sought to gain entrance to her life once again. … Continue reading Not As Things Ought to Be: Grieving Our Loss

Chapman: Bitter Justice

How do we seek accountability for evil leaders and remain bitter-free? While serving in another country as missionaries, my family became quite delighted with a drink called a "Chapman." It was made of Sobo orange drink, bitters, and 7Up. We enjoyed sipping on them like Southerners sip their sweet tea. Bitters, for those who do not know, … Continue reading Chapman: Bitter Justice