Complicity: Going Along to Get Along

What keeps abuse of authority in the workplace and home alive? Going along to get along. It is man's penchant for crowd-mongering. It is my penchant for pleasing others. While reading the beginning of the book of Proverbs in the Bible, I was struck by the applicability of the very first chapter to the experience … Continue reading Complicity: Going Along to Get Along

Janet: God’s Man & Authority Abuse

According to Roman Catholic doctrine, a Pope speaking 'ex cathedra' on issues of faith or morals is infallible. In general use, the phrase has come to be used with regard to statements made by people in positions of authority, and it is often used ironically to describe someone speaking with overbearing or unwarranted self-certainty. [Merriam-Webster dictionary] … Continue reading Janet: God’s Man & Authority Abuse

Not As Things Ought to Be: Grieving Our Loss

Olivia had been abused emotionally by her husband for more than 30 years. She finally got free. She was living in her new-found freedom when he showed up once again, having been gone for over a year. He was getting more and more aggressive as he sought to gain entrance to her life once again. … Continue reading Not As Things Ought to Be: Grieving Our Loss

Chapman: Bitter Justice

How do we seek accountability for evil leaders and remain bitter-free? While serving in another country as missionaries, my family became quite delighted with a drink called a "Chapman." It was made of Sobo orange drink, bitters, and 7Up. We enjoyed sipping on them like Southerners sip their sweet tea. Bitters, for those who do not know, … Continue reading Chapman: Bitter Justice

Toxic Survival Guide: The Action Plan – Part 3

How do you survive the wilderness of the workplace? When you love your job and your boss makes it his job to support your creative energies, it is easy. But, when the boss is like a wild grizzly seeking whom he may devour...that is a problem. It is no less difficult as a Christian to … Continue reading Toxic Survival Guide: The Action Plan – Part 3