The Narcissist Pastor: Jacob’s True and Painful Tale

  Jacob simply described his Pastor as a narcissist. But, it took over an hour for him to describe all the destruction wrought by his Senior Pastor while Jacob served the burgeoning church plant. Jacob had studied for two years in college before he and his wife joined a church that had been a church … Continue reading The Narcissist Pastor: Jacob’s True and Painful Tale

Complicity: Going Along to Get Along

What keeps abuse of authority in the workplace and home alive? Going along to get along. It is man's penchant for crowd-mongering. It is my penchant for pleasing others. While reading the beginning of the book of Proverbs in the Bible, I was struck by the applicability of the very first chapter to the experience … Continue reading Complicity: Going Along to Get Along

Janet: God’s Man & Authority Abuse

According to Roman Catholic doctrine, a Pope speaking 'ex cathedra' on issues of faith or morals is infallible. In general use, the phrase has come to be used with regard to statements made by people in positions of authority, and it is often used ironically to describe someone speaking with overbearing or unwarranted self-certainty. [Merriam-Webster dictionary] … Continue reading Janet: God’s Man & Authority Abuse