Wild Grapes: God’s Judgment on Power & Oppression

People were created to love God and neighbor. They were created to care for and keep the world [Genesis 2:15]. To create flourishing. They were not created to sow power and reap abuse.

The Narcissist Pastor: Jacob’s True and Painful Tale

Jacob simply described his Pastor as a narcissist. But, it took over an hour for him to describe all the destruction wrought by his Senior Pastor while Jacob served the burgeoning church plant. Jacob had studied for two years in college before he and his wife joined a church that had been a church plant, … Continue reading The Narcissist Pastor: Jacob’s True and Painful Tale

Liberty U: Slaves to Image [& $]

A friend of mine who suffered under abusive leadership recently said, "I have come to believe that it all comes down to money." Awfully cynical don't you think? Unfortunately, there is little doubt that many organizations, businesses, and churches have become toxic because of just that: money.  The God Who created the universe and sent … Continue reading Liberty U: Slaves to Image [& $]

Financial Integrity: Stewarding Leadership

"There’s a cross-section of the dechurched community that suffers not from a lack of faith, but a lack of trust."1 Often the "dechurched" have lost faith in "organized religion" because their leader was misusing the church's finances, according to John Richards. As I sat discussing my experience under a toxic leader with a fellow traveler … Continue reading Financial Integrity: Stewarding Leadership