How To Decide When It’s Time to Quit Your Job

I Quit“How To Decide When It’s Time to Quit Your Job” is a wonderful article written by Dr. Paul White. White joined Dr. Gary Chapman and Harold Myra in writing a book called “Rising Above a Toxic Workplace: Taking Care of Yourself in an Unhealthy Environment” a number of years ago. This is a rare text written for Christians on this topic.

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In the book, White, Chapman and Myra interview a number of people and use their stories throughout the book to bring their ideas to life. Their description of toxic leaders can be summed up as those who are the opposite of those who are “exquisitely attuned to their followers and feel their pain, their wants, their needs. Leaders richly endowed with empathy.” They include a “top ten traits of toxic leaders” as a helpful guide. In addition, they chart “key differences between functional and dysfunctional individuals” and discuss how to engage with them.

With each chapter the writers give “survival strategies” and “leadership lessons,” both of which are helpful summaries of the chapter. One section considers “how to stay sane,” an important section for those seeking “self-differentiation” in their interactions.

The article above is a summary of one section of the book on determining whether it is worth it to continue the battle. It is a good, wise, balanced approach to that question giving helpful advise on what needs to be considered; such as thinking through what options you have, seeking advice from good advisors, and considering your health.

Read the book…it is well worth it!


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